Theme Five

Deep Transformation

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You won’t find this gold in any other program.  This is where we work on the big unspoken issues of the day. 

How do you lead in the new climate of uncertainty, with constantly changing external circumstances?  How do you deliberately build trust in your team and peers?

What does being a serving leader really look like? What if your people really were your main focus as a leader? 

This theme pulls skills and learning from all the others and genuinely transforms leaders and teams.

or read on for a description of the sessions in Theme Five, and the follow-up work suggested between sessions

Theme Five Sessions

Leading in the new VUCA* world

How do you lead when nothing’s predictable or certain?

*volatile, uncertain, confusing, ambiguous

Practice VUCA leadership

Perspectives on Serving Leadership

Using your leader’s power in genuine service of your team

Serve your team

Developing your People

Making your people your main focus

Write personal development plans

Trust Languages

Discovering how you individually build trust, and how others break your trust

Have two trust conversations

Trust Review

Building trust within your team

*optional extra team session
More trust conversations with your team

Active engagement

Are your people passively engaged, waiting for you to lead? Discover active engagement

Build engagement with your people

External Circumstances

Exploring how external circumstances can drive internal circumstances, and how to defend yourself

Notice external circumstances, and reset

Theme Review

Teach-back session. How has trust changed for you? How’s the engagement in your team? What’s changing?

Pulling it all together

Explore how your inner leader, goals, trust, time managament, feedback and purpose weave together. You are a transformed leader.