Theme Four

Fighting Busy

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Here’s where we get even more practical, helping you as a leader decide what you actually do.  It includes a whole new approach to goal setting, prioritising and boundary-setting to keep you focussed. 

Practical sessions like redesigning meetings lead into building a transformational leadership mindset that owns projects, teams and initiatives rather than controlling them. 

The impact of this theme is efficiency, focus and empowerment, with significant bottom-line impact for your organisation.

or read on for a description of the sessions in Theme Four, and the follow-up work suggested between sessions

Theme Four Sessions

A New Style of Goals

Going wider than ever before to capture goals that really inspire you

Brainstorming goals exercise

Selecting Goals

Finalising a new set of goals for life and work

Build plans to accomplish those goals

Leadership and Goals

Living your Leader Brand - from Theme Two - in pursuit of your new goals. Identifying actions to intersect them

Practice your new actions

Priorities & Boundaries

Getting clear about what’s on mission, and learning to say no to the rest

Build new boundaries

Urgent versus Important tasks

Managing your choices is a whole new approach to time management

Redesign your calendar

Effective Meetings

Redesigning your meeting culture so it drives success rather than obstructing it

Practice new meetings

Controlling versus Owning

Your role as a leader is to Own the Culture, not Control the Tasks. What does that really look like?

Start the transition to Owning

Theme Review

Teach back session reviewing what you’ve learned, what’s changing, successes and failures