Theme One

Rediscover Who You Are

Discover who you really are, recognising your strengths, weaknesses & individual style.  Great leaders choose and build a deliberate individual leadership style rather than imitating, following or assuming one.

This work builds deep confidence and self-belief. You will design and practice new attitudes and actions that build understanding and engagement around you.   You’ll learn coaching approaches that are essential to later parts of the program.

or read on for a description of the sessions in this theme, and the follow-up work suggested between sessions

Theme One Sessions

Discovery & Design

Getting really clear on what we’re here for, and designing our working relationship

Personality test

Understanding your Personality

Starting at the beginning. Who are you really? What does your personality mean in real life?

Write the legacy you want to create

Creating your Legacy

Thinking bigger than ever before

Write your life story

Wheel of life and wheel of work

Exploring key issues: state of life and work

Practise new actions

Choosing how to Lead

Exploring different perspectives on leadership. Making a deliberate selection of new attitudes & actions

Exercise new leadership style

Finding your Inner Leader

Visualisation to discover your inner leader, with debrief to help you integrate the practice

Work with your inner leader

Understanding your Inner Critic

Discover how and why your inner critic derails your progress, and create strategies to deal with them

Recognise and deal with inner critic

Supply Lines

Understanding your own supply lines: recognising the valves and how to open them

Recognise valve positions on supply lines

Guide to Me

Exploring a one page description of who you’re discovering you really are, and learning how to discuss it

Finish your one page Guide and discuss it with key people you work with

Theme Review

Teach-back session: what have you learned so far? What’s changing for you?