Theme Three

Talking to your Team

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The third part of the plan builds your practical conversation skills. Feedback, difficult conversations, decision making, collaboration, coaching & mentoring, and optimising a team’s performance through conversation. 

It’s where the deep self-work of the first two parts finds real outward expression.  Even excellent communicators find new approaches, attitudes and perspectives here.  Teams that have these skills embedded in their culture are wired for success, resilience and impact.

or read on for a description of the sessions in Theme Three, and the follow-up work suggested between sessions

Theme Three Sessions


Taking the fear and mystery out of feedback to make it a normal part of daily conversation

Give two pieces of feedback

Advanced Feedback

Learning new attitudes to feedback, assumptions to check and possibilities to create

Give two pieces of masterful feedback

Decision Making

Exploring different styles and structures of decision

Recognise and discuss decison-making styles
Interview your team individually

Optimising team Performance

Discovering the strengths of your team, exploring possibility and impact of redesign

Redesign your team, reassign tasks

(Not) Difficult Conversations

Effective conflict and performance discussions

Have the conversations you’ve been avoiding

Hacking team Meetings

Using regularly-scheduled times to use your best people help make your biggest leader decisions

Solve a big issue by hacking it

Coaching Skills

Refine your listening, sharpen your questions: leading beside your people

Have two coaching conversations

Thought Partnership

Designing & identifying peer mentors and learning to create a few relationships of deep mutual trust

Build a thought partnership

Theme Review

Teach-back session to review what you’ve learned from this theme, and the effects you’re seeing from putting it into practice