Theme Two

Leading Deliberately


The second part of the plan helps you recognise your personal values and lead deliberately to honour them.  No surprise that your performance takes a step up here.

Unsure of your impact, or what you’re really doing here? Now’s the time to develop a clear brand that affects everyone around you, and learn to explain how and why you lead.

If several of your team are in the program, company transformation is usually obvious by the end of this part.

or read on for a description of the sessions in Theme Two, and the follow-up work suggested between sessions

Theme Two Sessions

Values & Repellents

Finding the important things as the foundation of leading deliberately. Understanding things that I can’t be with

Distill your core values

Partitioning your Values

Choosing which values need to be present in each part of your life

Redesign your life

Deliberate Compromise

What happens when you can’t live your ideal life? Give up? Or design a deliberate compromise?

Reflect on your work history

Work Values

Using values as you lead at work

Redesign your job

Resentment Thresholds

Recognising when a value is under attack and learning how to respond

Design resentment warning signs in your biggest struggle

Realising your Impact

Learning what kind of leader you really are by the impact you’ve already had on those around you

Start your purpose statement: why are you here?

*integrate optional 360 survey results

Defining your Leader Brand

Getting really clear on how you want to lead

Write your leader purpose statement

Cultures in your Organisation

Understanding present and future culture of your team and organisation

Begin building your new culture

Leader philosophy

Defining and communicating your leadership MO

Share your leader philosophy

Theme Review

Who are you? Who are you becoming?
Session presented as a teach-back

Condense learning onto a single page