Here’s how clients describe our Leader Transformation

My communication has improved. I’m sharing thoughts and ideas with my colleagues more openly. I am more direct and vocal with my team. I’m more willing to have difficult conversations now.  I have significantly improved employee retention.  I have a stronger foundation of trust.  My people take on a lot more initiatives without me having to push them

I received critical tools I can apply to my business and daily routine. I feel more capable providing honest feedback.  I now lead very deliberately: I hold myself accountable to my leader brand. 

I now do more planning and less assuming.  I’ve finally learned to delegate.

I self-reflect more and have more respect for my peers.  I understand myself better.  I’ve learned to trust myself and my abilities. I now incorporate emotion into my leadership style.  I now have a sense of worth and contribution to the organization. I have less stress.

Just talking to someone else about work helps. I now have clarity in my thoughts and plans.  I now take time to sit back, gauge, and understand how I can approach each situation

Here’s how clients describe Ben’s style

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