Challenging Panoramas is a leader development organisation based in Calgary. Ben Clarke founded the company in 2015 after 15 years in technical leadership in the oil industry, followed by certification from the world’s top coaching school, international accreditation and apprenticeship with two elite coaches. 


Ben has coached over 100 leaders. His clients live in 7 countries and include an executive with $200m in sales, an author of 7 books on leadership, the entire senior leadership team of a major oil company and award-winning entrepreneurs. Ben is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

The Leader Transformation program is delivered as one-hour weekly sessions, ideally the same time each week to build momentum.  The weekly sessions are individual or small-group coaching conversations.  We encourage leaders to then put that week’s learning into action, which is where real learning happens.  That looks like practising new attitudes or actions, and spending time deepening learning by reflecting, reading or listening to suggested resources. 

The collaboration proposed here requires investment of leaders’ time and attention.  It requires a genuine appetite for growth as a leader.  Transformation takes practice. 

Challenging Panoramas coaches provide their personal contact information for help between sessions.  We’re not those leader development people who disappear.

Ben works with a small team of Associate Coaches to deliver Leader Transformation when he is fully booked. He is married with four daughters, has a side hustle as a photographer, and loves mountains and music.